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Privacy Policy

Tasmanian Railway Pty Ltd (TasRail) values the privacy of every individual's personal information and we are committed to protecting the information we collect and use.

You can access our website home page and browse our site without disclosing personal information. TasRail will only record an individual's email address and/or contact details if they send our site a message or use the application for track safety awareness or General Induction form.

The information an individual provides is collected for the purposes of responding to the matters raised in an individual's electronic correspondence. Where a Company or Organisation uses our online application form and provides personal information related to an employee or member TasRail accepts no liability for any unauthorised provision of that personal data by the person submitting the form. Companies and organisations should ensure they have permission to provide data for their employees or members. We will ensure that your personal information will not be used or disclosed except if required or allowed by law.

We may collect non-personal information in gathering statistical information on how our website is used, or to assist you in navigating through our website. We have implemented technology and security policies, rules and measures to protect the personal information that we have under our control from unauthorised access, improper use, unsanctioned alteration, unlawful or accidental destruction and accidental loss.

Please note: This personal information protection statement does not extend beyond this website. When linking or redirected to other sites from this website, we recommend that you read the relevant privacy statement of that site to familiarise yourself with the privacy policy that applies to it. In relation to the TasRail Site Pass website used to facilitate Track Safety Awareness Training, General Inductions and External Party Management all personal information provided or uploaded is stored for the purpose meeting Rail Accreditation License and Rail Safety Management legislative requirements. This information may be shared with authorities as required by license conditions and legislation. Where the data provider makes an election to make available data in the site pass system to a head contractor when working as a subcontractor they must advise when that data sharing is to commence and cease. TasRail will make available the supplied data to certain TasRail employees or Consultants for the purpose of administering the data or undertaking compliance checks of individuals attending our sites. Controls are in place to manage and record access to the data to ensure it is only accessed for it’s intended use. Please read the privacy statement provided on the Site Pass Web Site.