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Freight Terminals

TasRail operates from strategically located freight terminals at Brighton, Burnie, Devonport, George Town, Conara and Launceston. Our terminals are designed to support multi modal operations and the efficient, seamless and timely transfer of freight.

Efficient Intermodal terminals are fundamental to the operation of a modern freight railway and they are literally the shop front from where TasRail interfaces with its customers.


Burnie image

A $12 million Burnie Port Optimisation Project has created a high productivity transport link for all freight users within the port.  It includes a direct interface between the railhead, road and port and provides a substantial increase in rail terminal capacity enabling TasRail to transact with multiple customers.

The newly expanded rail terminal complements TasRails’s open access minerals Shiploader and bulk handling facilities located portside.


Brighton image

The Brighton Transport Hub sets a new standard for intermodal freight terminals and connects freight forwarders and customers to terminals and ports statewide.  It provides a focal point for the consolidation and deconsolidation of freight, offering efficient freight transfers for both road/rail and road/road freight.  This facility became operational in 2014 following TasRail’s relocation from the Hobart CBD.


Devonport image

TasRail offers intermodal rail services from its Devonport Terminal which opened in 2015 after an eight year hiatus. It is a key location for freight connections to other terminals and all major ports.

George Town

George Town image

This is a well designed, multi-modal terminal located in the heart of the Bell Bay Major Industrial Zone.  It is a $7 million facility that commenced operation in September 2015, offering intermodal services and connections to major ports and bulk storage and handling facilities.


Conara image

This terminal benefited from an upgrade in 2015 and provides bulk handling and freight transport services and connectivity to major ports.