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Current Projects

Category One Track Defect Removal


Project: Statewide re-railing, re-sleepering and mud hole removal
Contractor: Global Rail Pty Ltd

Commencement Date: November 2019

Category 2 & 3 Defect Removal


Project: Statewide re-railing and re-sleepering
Contractor: VEC Civil Engineering Pty Ltd
Commencement Date: July 2019

Level Crossing Upgrades and Mudhole Removal


Project: Level crossing formation renewal, re-railing and re-sleepering
Contractor: Gradco Pty Ltd
Commencement Date: September 2019

Formation Renewals


Project: Replace failed sections of track formation on the Bell Bay, Derwent Valley, South and Western Lines
Contractor: Shaws
Commencement Date: May 2020

Coastal Erosion & Landslips


Project: Monitor sections of the rail corridor which may be subject to failure due to subsidence, slips or erosion.
Consulting Engineers: GHD Pty Ltd
Coastal Erosion Monitoring by: PDA Surveyors