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With a new fleet of purpose-built locomotives and wagons in operation across the network, TasRail has substantially increased hauling capacity, efficiency and reliability.

Our integrated fleet includes:

  • 17 TR Class Locomotives
  • 10 Legacy Locomotives* (8 x 2000 class and 2 x 2050 class)
  • 1 Driving Van
  • 54 ore wagons (TOMY)
  • 17 coal wagons (THGHY)
  • 19 cement wagons (THFY)
  • 40 logtainers (RBL)
  • 164 intermodal wagons (112 x TQAY, 2 x TQBY, 50 x TQCY)
  • 40 log wagons
  • 35 legacy intermodal wagons (QLE, TQMF and IB to accommodate future growth)
  • 16 maintenance wagons (14 x ballast, 1 x wheel, 1 x Geowagon)
  • 1 Shiploader

* Some of the older rollingstock fleet is being retained for new business and incremental growth opportunities – these include a number of DQ class locomotives, 18 IB wagons and 15 TQMF wagons.

TR Class Locomotives

TR Class Locomotives image

Contemporary Wagon Fleet

Contemporary Wagon Fleet image

Log Tainers

Log Tainers image

A LogTainer is an innovative, custom designed cradle that sits on top of a conventional intermodal rail wagon, enabling it to be used for the haulage of both logs and conventional shipping containers.  In addition to superior loading/unloading efficiencies and improved safety outcomes, the LogTainers provide TasRail with the flexibility to backhaul intermodal freight on log train services.

Locally designed and manufactured by Elphinstone Engineering of Triabunna, the LogTainers were developed in collaboration with TasRail.  TasRail purchased 40 of the LogTainer Units from Elphinstone, facilitated by a $1 million grant from the Australian Government.

More logs on rail means less road maintenance and safer roads, plus savings in road accident and pollution costs. 

Mobile Equipment

Mobile Equipment image