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Track Safety Awareness Training Request Application

  1. Track Safety Awareness (TSA) is a railway specific safety induction that ensures the safety of the network but does not give a right to access the rail corridor.  Where access is required, you will need a permit issued by property@tasrail.com.au OR an authorisation from the Network Controller.  UNAUTHORISED ACCESS IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED.  The Track Safety Awareness induction process provides the following:
    1. Provides an understanding of the dangers associated with being around the track;
    2. Assists you to identify specific risks;
    3. Explains rules for accessing and moving around the track including communications and signage; and
    4. Identifies strategies to employ for harm minimisation.    
  2. TSA is an awareness of how to safely move adjacent to or in the rail corridor or a yard but does not grant a right of access, permission or notice, which must be given every time you intend to be near a rail track. Additional safeguards must be in place if you are doing anything more than just moving near the rail track including any activity that prevents you from being on constant lookout for a safe walking path and the movement of rail traffic. This also applies to work adjacent to the track or corridor that has the potential to impact the safe passage of rail traffic or maintenance staff.
  3. If you have visual, hearing or mobility constraints, additional measures may also be needed, such as an escort to allow you safe access so these conditions must be declared whenever requesting access on to rail sites.
  4. If you require this assessment for more than a single time access you will also be required to upload a passport sized photo for production of photo ID Site Pass card.
  5. A $25 per annum card fee applies for this assessment. Proof of insurances will also be required prior to accessing TasRail property.
  6. To obtain a user name and password to allow access to the online TSA training and assessment please provide the following information:

  1. On receipt of this information and confirmation of the requirement for you to undertake this assessment an email will be sent to you providing you with further instructions.
  2. On satisfactory completion of your assessment and payment of any required fee you will be able to download a temporary certificate for use with photo ID as proof of assessment until such time as a photo ID Site Pass Card is mailed to you.