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The Australian and Tasmanian Governments are co-investing a total of $119.6 million into Tranche Two of  Tasmanian Freight Rail Revitalisation Program (TFRRP) that will see priority sections of the Tasmanian Rail Network upgraded over the four years to 30 June 2023. Tranche Two will be delivered on time and in budget, and the continued investment will enable TasRail to further improve the quality of services it provides to industry.

Under the TFRRP, a series of tenders will be progressively released to the market for re-sleepering and re-railing works, formation  repair, level crossing renewal, coastal erosion repair, turnout replacement and replacement or rehabilitation of selected culverts and selected rail bridges. As tenders are released they are advertised in Tasmanian newspapers and on the TasRail's website HERE 

These upgrades, combined with TasRail's focus on customer service, operational efficiencies and innovation, mean that Tasmanian industry and freight forwarders can rely on TasRail for efficient and safe supply chains.

TasRail is currently finalising the details for the a Third Tranche of rail upgrades, with $96 million of funding committed in equal measure by the Tasmanian and Australian Governments. Construction is expected to commence in first half of 2021.

Click the buttons below to  read about current and completed works packages being delivered under this Infrastructure Investment Program (IIP).

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