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Capability Statement

TasRail is setting new standards for freight logistics in Tasmania.

With an upgraded, fit-for-purpose rail freight network, TasRail is one of the largest transport service providers in Tasmania, connecting industry and commerce to major shipping ports and freight hubs across the State.

Since its establishment five years ago, TasRail has grown in capability and performance. The new TasRail is commercially focussed and committed to delivering optimal and innovative logistics solutions to its customers. The fact that all of TasRail's major customers are now secured under long-term contracts demonstrates the value Tasmania's key industries place on having a modern rail service which is closely integrated with the state's other freight transport providers.


As a vertically integrated rail freight business, TasRail operates from strategically located freight terminals at Burnie, Brighton, George Town and Devonport. Our terminals are designed to support multi modal operations and the efficient, seamless and timely transfer of freight.

TasRail specialises in handling and hauling a range of commodities, from containerised freight to bulk and dangerous goods.

As the owner and operator of Tasmania's only open access minerals Shiploader and bulk handling service, TasRail is also able to integrate its operations with industry, offering 'pit to port' solutions by transporting bulk commodities direct from mine to market.


TasRail exists to provide safe, efficient and reliable freight transport services and it is fast earning a growing reputation for its role in facilitating new business and its commitment to designing dynamic and tailored freight logistics solutions.

Our expertise includes:

  • Multi modal haulage services for intermodal and bulk freight including for example logs, woodchips, paper, coal, cement, mineral ores and processed metals
  • Supply chain partnerships
  • Bulk handling
  • Bulk storage
  • Shiploading
  • Seamless interconnectivity between freight rail and mining and manufacturing facilities
  • Design of tailored solutions including Greenfield developments and Brownfield operations


With a new fleet of purpose-built locomotives and wagons in operation across the network, TasRail has substantially increased hauling capacity, efficiency and reliability.

Rail's economy of scale is an important consideration that results in logistical savings for all freight service providers and customers because it can handle much larger freight tasks at only marginal additional cost. For example, one freight train can haul the same amount of freight as 50+ heavy road vehicles but it requires less handling and results in less congestion at key points in the Tasmanian freight system.

A further $119.6 million of network improvements is taking place over four years to 2019, ensuring the continued modernisation of the rail system. This will ensure TasRail has the capacity and financial security to continue its development and expansion to meet the growing needs of industry.


TasRail is at the forefront of innovation in freight transport and is delivering multi-modal solutions for a wide range of bulk commodities including logs and woodchips.

In 2013, in collaboration with Forestry Tasmania and private forest management firm SFM, TasRail established a successful line haul solution from Brighton to Bell Bay that saw logs return to rail. It is a service that has performed above expectations since its inception.

The haulage of logs and timber commodities is also set to benefit from further innovation with the introduction of specially designed log stanchion bases developed in partnership between Elphinstone Engineering and TasRail. The new log stanchion bases will deliver a more efficient and cost effective transport solution for the forestry sector.

Technology plays an important role in improving customer service and the efficiency of operations. TasRail will continue to investigate and utilise new technologies that facilitate the seamless and responsive movement of freight.


Safety is a core value at TasRail and working safely is fundamental to our business. Every employee and contractor working at TasRail is empowered to stop any perceived unsafe act and is required to find a safer way to carry out the task.

TasRail's new $11 million Advanced Network Control System is leading edge technology that ensures safety of operations across the rail network is paramount.

Social Licence

Rail freight transport helps fortify the social licence of many industries, which is critical to the continued stability and security of their business.

Independent research shows that rail freight is safe, competitive and environmentally friendly. It helps to reduce heavy vehicle movements, road accidents, carbon emissions, road maintenance costs and traffic noise. In this context alone, it delivers real social and economic benefits to both the community and industry.

Rail also has the capacity and the capability to support economic growth. Industry can plan in the knowledge that their production can be transported on rail at reasonable cost and that the community will accept the movement of this freight given the widespread understanding of rail's strong safety and environmental credentials.


TasRail is a State-owned Company governed by an independent Board of Directors. Formed in 2009, TasRail is headquartered in Launceston. TasRail generates important economic activity through its operations, the purchase of goods and services and the employment of its full time workforce of 240 talented men and women.