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TasRail is a values driven organisation. Our reputation flows directly from a set of core values that define not only what TasRail is, but also what the Company aspires to be.

Our core values include:

Safety - A genuine care for the health and wellbeing of staff, contractors, customers and the wider community.

Integrity - Staying true to our values even when it's hard.

Leadership - Clarity of vision and strategies, to drive a culture of unity and achievement.

Responsibility - Owning actions and outcomes.

Teamwork - Working together to achieve common goals and shared outcomes.

Excellence - Seeking and achieving exceptional outcomes in everything that we do.

Innovation - Embracing new ideas, concepts and systems to create added value.

Staying true to these values helps to promote long term business success. The values are enshrined through a series of expectations, standards and codes of conduct.

The conduct of TasRail employees collectively or as an individual, directly influences not only how well the business performs but also how those outside of TasRail view the organisation.

Staying true to these values is fundamental to long term business success.

The TasRail Way also outlines the principles that underpin the way TasRail approaches what are frequently complex social and economic decisions that affect us individually, and as a company - they are essential to TasRail's commitment to sustainable development.