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New Locomotive Fleet

Project Cost: $68.5 million
Timeframe: December 2011 – late 2015
Funded by: Tasmanian Government (Rail Recovery Plan) Partners: Downer EDI and Progress Rail

Project Overview: The replacement of TasRail's ageing and mostly life-expired locomotive fleet with brand
new PR22 Locomotives built to TasRail specification and design. The new locomotives arrived in Tasmania over a period of eight months between November 2013 and July 2014. Each of the locomotives was subject to infield testing prior to being introduced into revenue services across the network as part of the commissioning process. Final acceptance of the locomotive fleet is expected to occur late in 2015. The introduction of the new locomotive fleet is a 'game changer' for TasRail.

Project benefits:

  • Single locomotive design, catering for 16 and 18 tonne axle loads
  • Individual trailing tonnes increase from an average of 450 tonnes to 750 tonnes per locomotive
  • Individual trains to consist of two locomotives, compared to four of the old fleet
  • Average length of train up to 750 metres
  • Projected availability of 92 per cent over 365 days
  • Substantially reduce maintenance costs
  • Superior driver safety and comfort
  • Readily available parts, service and warranty support