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TasRail donation to help build a bridge

PublishedNov 10, 2023
TasRail donation to help build a bridge

When Wings Wildlife Park contacted TasRail post-October 2022 floods on the off chance it might be able to assist in the site’s rebuild process, the answer was a resounding yes.

“We were just coming through the aftermath of the floods ourselves, so we were all too aware of the impact of the event,” TasRail CEO Steven Dietrich said.

The two-day wild weather event saw TasRail’s busy Western Line near Kimberley severed for 11 days. Thanks to the hard work of its staff and a band of dedicated volunteers, Wing Wildlife Park was up and running by early December.

While the park then turned its focus to more important things, like rebuilding its animal hospital, the TasRail team was working on the logistics of how to get two sizeable wagon bases to a wildlife park more than 20 kilometres from the nearest rail line.

In answer to Wings Wildlife's call for usable infrastructure TasRail donated two 60ft wagon bases, plus all logistics and delivery costs.

“Logistically, because of the location of the park, the location of the wagons, and the importance of getting the timing right for a safe pickup and delivery, the bases arrived at the site late last month,” Mr Dietrich said.

Contractors Cranes Combined and Gradco made the move possible.

“We are just reaching the end of an extensive program of redundant asset donations to the State’s tourist and heritage rail sector. It is our pleasure that we were also able to play a small part in assisting such an iconic Northwest Tasmanian business to build a stronger future," Mr Dietrich said.

The park plans to use the bases for bridges to locations within the site.

Read The Advocate's story at https://bit.ly/3Qr3hHW

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