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TasRail calls on motorists to 'do the right thing'

PublishedMar 27, 2023

TasRail has called on motorists to “do the right thing” in and around the rail corridor,  after one of its locomotives collided with an abandoned vehicle near Railton last night. The incident did not involve a level crossing.
TasRail CEO Steven Dietrich said that, while the train driver involved in the incident was fortunately unharmed, situations like this were extremely traumatic.
“Our trains can’t swerve, and they take a long time to stop. There is very little chance of avoiding a collision when there is something on the track.
“Our driver stepped out of that train not knowing what they were going to find,” he said.
Mr Dietrich said that using the railway corridor as a shortcut, whether in a vehicle or on foot was a “foolish numbers game”.
“Don’t do it. It’s not worth it, no matter where you are. It is illegal. Our timetables change. Your vehicle could get stuck. You could be injured. You just don’t know what is going to happen.”
Mr Dietrich said that, financial year to date, TasRail had already reported 67 incidence of trespass and 20 near hits at level crossings.
“We will continue to work closely with Tasmania Police to curb unacceptable behaviour in the rail corridor.” The Tasmania Police media release on the incident can be found HERE

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