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Temporary closure of Wellington Street level Crossing at Longford

PublishedOct 20, 2021
Due to essential infrastructure works this weekend (23-24 October) the level crossing at William Street, Longford, will be temporarily closed.

How long will the crossing be closed for?

The crossing will be closed on 23-24 October 2021 from 6am on the 23rd to 7pm on the 24th.


Why does it have to be a weekend?

Continuity of rail services provides only a limited window (40 hours) to complete the works between the last train on Saturday and the next train on Sunday.


Where will the diversion take me?

The map below shows where the diversion will direct motorists - via Bishopsbourne Road and Woolmers Lane etc. Traffic management will be in place to an approved plan over the weekend. Please follow the directions of signage and staff of site.



Why can’t TasRail only partially close the crossing and let us through?

Unfortunately, the scope of works does not provide for a partial road closure. We need to remove existing rail, sleepers and formation across the full width of the crossing, plus 13-metres on either side of the crossing, with excavation to a depth of 1-metre.


Is there a u-turn site available?

Large vehicles are encouraged to use Union Street if required.


 How have you let motorists/residents/ business owners know?

There has been a letterbox drop to residents of Longford, Cressy, Poatina and Perth, and businesses have been provided information and posters to display. Public notices have appeared in all three regional daily newspapers and have been circulated via a number of online platforms.



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