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Bringing the horsepower to mental health - Rail R U OK? Day

PublishedApr 29, 2021
Bringing the horsepower to mental health - Rail R U OK? Day
To mark this year’s Rail R U OK? Day (29 April) TasRail has teamed up with SPEAK UP! Stay ChatTY to promote the importance of mental health to the Tasmanian community. From 29 April 2021, a TasRail TR locomotive (TR14) will bear the Speak UP! Stay ChatTY logo on its journeys around the State.

 TasRail CEO Steven Dietrich said that the mental health of staff continued to be a priority – even more so since COVID-19.

 “This is a cause that we hold dear to our heart at TasRail, and it’s a unique way that we can support this worthy organisation,” Mr Dietrich said.

 “We want everyone to go home safe and well every day – both physically and mentally.”

 TasRail’s COVID Recovery Team reached out to SPEAK UP! Stay ChaTY late in 2020 to reinvigorate the conversation around the importance of mental health within the business.

 “We reached out to Mitch and SPEAK UP! Stay ChatTY as part of our overall approach to mental health awareness. 2020 was a hard year for everyone and we identified that it was more important than ever to revisit the message that it is ‘ok to not be ok’,” TasRail Covid Recovery Committee Chair and Senior SHE Specialist Corrie Shipton said.

 “While TasRail has always had a focus on mental health, our staff now have even more in their ‘toolbox’ to help them take care of their own mental health; and are equipped and empowered to check in with their family, friends and workmates.”

 SPEAK UP! Stay ChaTY founder Mitch McPherson said that feedback from staff at TasRail was “incredibly overwhelming”.

 “This is the icing on the cake for the really solid relationship that our two organisations have now built,” Mr McPherson said. 

 “After working with TasRail across the State to spread our Stay ChatTY messages, and in particular my lived experience, we are so proud TasRail has taken this giant step to support us. 

 “Awareness is key. Our logo represents a strong reminder to the Tasmanian community to check in on both yourself and those around you. Having our logo prominent for TasRail staff, and those that see it cruise by, is just fantastic and something we are super proud of.”

 Mr Dietrich said that the TasRail team hoped that the “conversation train” would encourage both TasRail staff and the broader community to “check in with others, ask are you OK, and to continue the discussion on mental health with their friends and families”.

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