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PublishedOct 20, 2017
TasRail has just contracted innovative new planning and scheduling software that will enhance efficiencies in train schedules, rostering and customer service plans.

Biarri Rail, an Australian-based global leader in the development of planning and scheduling software for railroads and rail shippers, is about to commence the design phase of the Boss MP cloud-based software development for TasRail.

TasRail Freight Services General Manager Bob Parton said the innovative software package would enable TasRail to improve the planning of train design, locomotive selection, rollingstock utilisation, rostering and train pathing.

“If for example, we have a new customer that wants to move several million tonnes of freight via rail, we would enter this data into the new system and utilise its functions to determine the most efficient number of days to run our locomotives with how many wagons at what time of the day, how the roster of drivers would need to be altered and where crew changeovers should occur,” Mr Parton said.

“This will result in more effective and efficient planning to meet our customers’ needs and ensure we continue to deliver freight in a safe, timely and competitive manner.

“This planning is currently undertaken utilising excel spreadsheets across a number of departments so there is no doubt this software will enable us to better utilise our railway assets and complete planning activities in a more timely manner.”

The Request for Tender followed TasRail’s Buy Local policy. No Tasmanian firms tendered for the work, but five tenders were received from mainland and overseas companies.

Biarri Rail CEO Tom Forbes said he was delighted to be working with TasRail to deliver an innovative planning and scheduling solution that will result in measurable on-ground outcomes.

“Boss MP is a new concept in planning and scheduling software, bringing together man and machine through a great user experience and powerful algorithms to help manage the complexity associated with railway planning. Ultimately this helps railways save money, improve asset utilisation and drive efficiency,” Mr Forbes said.

“This software will empower TasRail to optimise its train schedules, improve customer service and more efficiently utilise its high-value assets and crew.”

TasRail anticipates the software will be introduced in three stages, with the complete package finalised by early 2019.

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