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TasRail Engages Penguin Specialist as Part of new Coastal Erosion Works

PublishedAug 16, 2017
A penguin specialist from Birdlife Tasmania has been engaged by TasRail as part of planned coastal erosion and landslip works in a bid to protect and manage existing penguin habitats.

As part of TasRail’s commitment to environmental excellence, the North West coastal penguin colony was identified as a consideration during the planning phase, so an expert was appointed to monitor existing habitats and make recommendations on the management of penguin colonies during works.

TasRail today released a Request for Tender, IIP Coastal Erosion and Landslip, and specified that contractors must consider environmental constraints “as the coast line is home to penguins and other bird life”.

The work on the Western and Southern Lines is part of the joint Australian and Tasmanian Governments’ $119.6 million infrastructure investment funding in the Tasmanian Freight Rail Revitalisation program, which focuses on priority sections of the Tasmanian Rail Network being upgraded over four years to June 30, 2019.

TasRail CEO Damien White congratulated TasRail’s staff and contractors on their commitment to proactive environmental management and thanked the State and Federal Governments for their ongoing investment in rail infrastructure.

“This project is all about protecting our natural environment and working with the community to ensure much-needed works can occur to prevent coastal erosion and landslip near Tasmania’s rail corridor,” Mr White said. “This project will reduce the risk of track obstruction, improve network reliability and assist in the reduction of ongoing maintenance costs, enhancing TasRail’s capacity to deliver freight in a timely and safe manner on behalf of its customers.”

Mr White expressed his appreciation for the cooperation of the Central Coast and Burnie City Councils as part of the joint commitment to liaison with the wider community and interest groups.

Work is expected to commence in November 2017 and will occur on 13 sites along the Western Line (7 sites between Ulverstone and Penguin; 1 site on the eastern side of Burnie; 1 site south of Devonport; and 1 site north of Relbia) and three sites on the South Line (three sites north of Lowdina).

The tender documents are available on the TasRail website at www.tasrail.com.au. TasRail applies the State Government’s Buy Local Policy and tenderers are required to demonstrate their support of Tasmanian industry and businesses.

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