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PublishedJun 02, 2017
June 2 is International Level Crossing Safety Awareness Day (ILCAD).

ILCAD is an opportunity to stop and think about level crossing safety - particularly the risk of not respecting the signs and signals or becoming impatient and trying your luck.
The time you may have to stop and wait for the train to pass is about the same as watching through an ad break during your favourite TV show.

Level Crossing incidents are preventable - zero harm is totally achievable if people obey the law and the signals.

This financial year to date, TasRail has reported 69 failure to stop incidents - a majority occurring on the North West Coast. While this is an improvement on the previous year, it is still 69 too many.

TasRail will continue to look at ways to improve level crossing safety including with the use of cameras at level crossing hot spots - but the best way to prevent injury is to simply look out for trains and road/rail vehicles - and always obey the signs.

Remember - trains can't stop, but you can. LOSE A MINUTE, NOT YOUR LIFE!


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