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TasRail Embraces Rail R U OK?Day

PublishedApr 20, 2017
TasRail has joined with the Australian and New Zealand Rail Industry for Rail R U OK?Day 2017 designed to put a spotlight on the importance of the mental health and wellbeing of rail workers.

Staff at Tasmania’s State-owned freight rail business will take time to ask one another

R U OK? They will be initiating important conversations with colleagues, genuinely listening and actively encouraging anyone doing it tough to seek available support.


TasRail CEO Damien White believes that the R U OK Day initiative encourages meaningful conversations and has the power to help transform the workplace into a strong and resilient community.


“Just dealing with life’s ups and downs can sometimes be enough to impact mental health and wellbeing and it’s important that staff  are supported through difficult times”, Mr White said. “But frontline rail staff, especially train drivers, have an additional exposure to deal with just going about their job”.


“Traumatic situations including incidents of trespass, train collisions and ‘near hit’ incidents at railway level crossings can leave rail workers suffering stress, anxiety and trauma”, Mr White said.  “This can take a heavy toll on their mental and physical health, their relationships and their quality of life”.


In addition to trauma response and support programs, TasRail wants its workforce to be confident to engage in conversations about how they are feeling and to know that support is readily available.  “Our peers know better than anyone the pressures that our workmates face every day, so they are well placed to ask R U OK?” Mr White said.


Acknowledging that depression or anxiety cannot be eliminated in one day or through one conversation, Mr White is confident that Rail R U OK Day will help to addressing the social stigma that continues to be associated with emotional and mental trauma”.


TasRail aims to make every day a Rail R U OK Day? and is equipping employees with the skills and resources to start a conversation that could ultimately save someone’s life.   


Click on the link below to access a message of support from the Prime Minister, the Hon. Malcolm Turnbull MHR http://bit.ly/2oJKWtZ



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