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Back To School Rail Safety Tips

PublishedFeb 08, 2017
It's back to school week for many households this week, so a timely reminder for parents, students, bus drivers and motorists to be rail safe.

Getting off to school, and coming home from school are often a busy time for all involved - it's easy to be distracted, and/or you may be a little rushed for time.

To help you and your family arrive safely, and return back home safely, please following these basic tips:

  • Stay alert and look out for trains and rail/road vehicles that may be approaching.
  • Always obey the signs.
  • If the signals are flashing - STOP - don't try to beat the train - LOSE A MINUTE, NOT YOUR LIFE.
  • If you or your children need to cross the tracks, please don't take short cuts - use only the authorised rail crossing - DON'T PUT LIVES ON THE LINE.
  • If your children go to school near a railway line, please ensure you talk to them about rail safety. Set a good example by not parking in the railway corridor. If you have to drop them off at a location that is away from the crossing and/or near the tracks, please do not let them run across the railway line.
  • Take the time to speak to the school teacher or your P&F about the importance of rail safety, and what the school can do to practice and reinforce community rail safety. TasRail can provide rail safety information and will even come along to your 
    school to talk to students and/or teachers and parents about this important topic.

Let's all make 2017 a rail safe year!

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