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TasRail Flood Recovery Update

PublishedJun 10, 2016
The restoration of TasRail services is underway as repairs to sections of the network are completed.
  • TasRail anticipates the South line linking Brighton, Boyer and Conara will re-open on Tuesday.
  • The Conara Rail Terminal will open from Tuesday. This will enable southern rail freight from Boyer to Conara to be loaded on to trucks and transported to the Ports of Devonport and Burnie and bypass the worst of the flood affected Western Line in the Deloraine Kimberley area.
  • The Railton to Devonport line re-opened last Tuesday and continues to operate normal services. The Public are asked to remain vigilant for trains operating on this route.
  • Subject to completion of repairs over the weekend, the East Tamar Junction to Bell Bay line is expected to re-open on Monday.
  • With water levels now subsiding, the Conara to Western Junction line is being assessed today. The results of the inspection will determine the re-opening date. Clean-up of debris on the Clarendon Bridge is underway.
  • The re-opening of the Western Junction to East Tamar Junction remains uncertain until further assessments are completed.
  • Engineers are still assessing the full extent of the damage to the Melba line servicing Tasmania’s west coast.
  • An engineering assessment is yet to be completed of the bridge over the Mersey River at Kimberley, which partially collapsed under the pressure of flooding. That assessment was hampered by flood waters that have now subsided.
  • At Burnie, plans are underway to remove thousands of tonnes of logs, which were washed against the Emu River Bridge during the flood. It is considered unlikely the bridge has suffered serious structural damage.
  • TasRail’s East Tamar workshops, which were inundated by floodwater, will be operational by the end of today.

TasRail CEO, Damien White.
“We are progressively restoring rail services across large sections of the network. Where the most serious damage has occurred, we are taking steps to maintain freight movements by combing both rail and road transport options”.

“Our priorities continue to be ensuring the immediate needs of our customers are met while ensuring the continued safety and wellbeing of our workforce.”

“TasRail would like to publicly acknowledge the commitment of its workforce to achieving the re-opening of the rail network as quickly as possible”.

More information:
Jennifer Jarvis, Manager Corporate Relations 0428 139 238 or 6335 2603

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