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Safety First During Difficult Weather Conditions

PublishedJun 06, 2016
Safety First During Difficult Weather Conditions

As a precautionary measure, TasRail advises that it has temporarily suspended all train operations across its network.

The disruption to customers is regrettable, but the safe operation of rail services is paramount. TasRail is in close contact with its customers, and will continue to provide regular updates throughout the day.

All available staff have been deployed to inspect and assess the track and critical infrastructure including rail bridges and facilities.

While heavy rain is continuing to fall across the State, the rail network appears to be withstanding the flood conditions reasonably well, although there are a number of areas, particularly on the North West Coast where water levels are a concern.

TasRail would like to publicly acknowledge the efforts and commitment of staff who are out in difficult conditions to assess and monitor the safety of the rail network.

Members of the public are urged to heed the advice of Tasmania Police and the State Emergency Services, and to monitor the TasAlert website.

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