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Norske Skog celebrate 75 years at its Boyer Mill

PublishedFeb 21, 2016
TasRail congratulates Norske Skog on achieving 75 years of continuous operations at its Boyer Mill.

The milestone was achieved on February 22, 2016 and TasRail is honouring the achievement with special branding on TR 02.  

Norske Skog is a significant industry and major employer in Tasmania.  TasRail is proud to support the Boyer Mill with the provision of rail freight services, hauling paper products to the Port of Burnie six days per week.  Since TasRail was established on 1 December 2009, more than two million tonnes of paper product has been railed for Norske Skog.   TasRail looks forward to continuing its commercial partnership with Norske Skog at Boyer for many years to come.

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