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Peak body for rail welcomes aboard WA to national rail safety scheme

PublishedNov 02, 2015
The Australasian Railway Association today welcomes Western Australia as a participant in the National Rail Safety Regulation and Investigation Scheme.

“The Australasian Railway Association thinks it is critical for rail safety to be delivered under a nationally consistent regulation system. A uniform system reduces the burden of regulatory convolution, and provides a seamless, more efficient approach to rail safety and investigation as backed by national law,” said Danny Broad, Chief Executive Officer of the Australasian Railway Association. 

“For over 10 years the rail industry has long called for consolidation of the seven rail safety regulators into one national regulator, along with its three investigator bodies to be merged into one national investigator. It’s pleasing to see such progress made since 2004, and to see Australia’s rail industry significantly enhance its safety procedures via the Scheme.

“In addition to increased safety to benefit the community, by joining the Scheme there is potential for Western Australia to take advantage of greater efficiency gains; a uniform approach reduces barriers for entry of new rail operators working between the states.  

“Today marks an important step forward in overcoming a 160-year history of the Australian rail industry operating in silos, with state and territories working together as one. On behalf of the rail industry I congratulate and welcome Western Australia as the newest participant to join: South Australia, Tasmania, the Northern Territory, the Australian Capital Territory, New South Wales and Victoria as part of the Scheme,” said Mr Broad. 

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