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RAIL SAFETY WEEK: are you responsible?

PublishedAug 10, 2015
The Australasian rail industry is uniting for the tenth anniversary of Rail Safety Week (10-16 August) and is marking the occasion with the launch of a new video asking commuters to consider what rail safety means to them.

General Manager of the TrackSAFE Foundation, Naomi Frauenfelder, commented on the video’s core message of rail safety being everyone’s responsibility and said that people should use Rail Safety Week as a time to reflect on how to behave when near tracks and trains.

“After a decade of industry raising awareness about the importance of being safe near tracks and trains, it is critical that the impetus and ownership be supported by the commuting public,” said Ms Frauenfelder.

“Today is marked by the launch of a new video which shines a light on peoples thoughts on rail safety; from students not using their phones on their way to school, to a mother holding on to her pram, to the on duty police officer enforcing the rules at a local level crossing.

“Each person values what rail does for them and respects the safety measures put in place to ensure that their lives, and the lives of those around them, are kept out of harm’s way.

“Whether going to go to work, to school, on holiday or visiting friends and family, everyone deserves to get there and back safely, and that is what this video promotes,” said Ms Frauenfelder.

TrackSAFE represents the rail industry in working together to mitigate the number of incidents and the resultant trauma caused to employees. With the support of its members, jurisdictional police, state government and other key stakeholders, Rail Safety Week activities will be rolled out across the country for the entire week in an effort to encourage everyone to ‘be responsible’ and safe around tracks and trains.

“Over the years, more and more rail organisations have become involved in this community awareness initiative by visiting schools, holding competitions, running advertising campaigns, and ultimately increasing awareness of the importance of rail safety,” Ms Frauenfelder continued.

“Every single death or injury on the rail network is avoidable if people obey the signs and signals and always exercise caution.

“This Rail Safety Week, I implore all Australian’s and New Zealander’s to listen to our message and consider what rail safety means to them, because, after all, it’s everyone’s responsibility,” Ms Frauenfelder concluded.

To watch the video, visit www.tracksafefoundation.com.au/rail-safety-week/

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