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ALC Welcomes Funding for New Rail Technology

PublishedApr 21, 2015
Australian Logistics Council Managing Director Michael Kilgariff has welcomed confirmation that $15.5 million has been approved for the first stage of the Advanced Train Management System (ATMS).

“To maximise freight efficiency we need to harness 21st century technologies, and so I welcome today’s confirmation that the Federal Government has approved its first tranche of funding for the ATMS project,” Mr Kilgariff said.

“Economic analysis undertaken by ALC shows productivity boosting initiatives, such as the ATMS project, will deliver broader economic benefits in the billions of dollars.

“An ALC report found a 1% improvement in the efficiency of the sector generates $2 billion of gains to the economy each year.

“Future-focused technology, like ATMS, enhances the capacity for industry to transport products around Australia’s rail system more efficiently and safely,” he said.

ATMS is a smart train management system that can locate and control trains on the network allowing them to travel at closer intervals safely. The technology employs sophisticated computer technology, on-train GPS navigation and Next-G mobile networks to manage train operations.

“This is ‘innovation in action’ which will transform the way freight rail infrastructure is both managed and monitored,” Mr Kilgariff said.

“The use of smart technology under ATMS, including collision avoidance systems to prevent accidents, is exactly the sort of initiative industry needs to boost freight efficiency and to underpin a safer and more reliable network.

“With Australia’s freight task predicted to double by 2030 and nearly triple 2050, Australia needs to move more freight on rail - this involves both interstate and intrastate movements.

“This reality underscores ALC’s strong support for the inland freight line between Melbourne and Brisbane and port shuttles to improve the movement of freight to and from our major ports.

“This partnership between ARTC and Lockheed Martin Australia to deliver the ATMS project will help facilitate this growth in freight.”

“ATMS will help support industry’s efforts to improve freight efficiency, and in so doing, deliver economic benefits for all Australians,” he said.

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