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TasRail Welcomes ATSB Investigation Report

PublishedJan 19, 2015
TasRail today welcomed the release of the Preliminary Investigation Report by the Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) into the derailment of train 735 that occurred at Colebrook on 9 November 2014.

Two locomotives and 16 intermodal wagons derailed in the incident.  The train driver received only minor injury.

TasRail is particularly pleased that the ATSB findings correlate with its own investigation results.

Both investigations confirmed that the derailment was not caused by the track, the infrastructure or the rollingstock.  The train derailed because it entered a 35 kilometres per hour speed-rated curve at an approximate speed of 64 kilometres per hour. 

TasRail will not disclose any actions taken in relation to the train driver involved but revealed that the matter has been dealt with in accordance with TasRail’s internal policies and procedures.

TasRail has implemented a number of proactive safety measures since the derailment.  The most significant of these is the new $11 million train control system – the Advanced Network Control System (ANCS) is currently being commissioned.

TasRail expects the introduction of the ANCS to largely prevent similar incidents from occurring into the future.

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