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Christmas Rail Safety Message

PublishedDec 18, 2014
TasRail would like to take this opportunity to urge the community to think about rail safety over this holiday season.

On the first day of Christmas everyone stayed off the tracks and remembered to look out for trains.

On the second day of Christmas all the road users obeyed railway level crossing signals and signs.

On the third day of Christmas, the community sang ‘Stop, Look and Live’ whenever they approached a railway level crossing.

On the fourth day of Christmas, Santa sent a message saying ‘Don’t put your life on the line” and said he would be checking his list, and checking it twice!

On the fifth day of Christmas, all wise men reported incidents of railway trespass and vandalism to TasRail Train Control.

On the sixth day of Christmas, people living near the railway line had secure fencing and kept their animals off the tracks.

On the seventh day of Christmas, all adults and children learned never go on the railway line without TasRail’s authorisation and track protection.

On the eight day of Christmas, people were ‘Rocking’ around the Christmas Tree’ and stayed away from the railway tracks.

On the ninth day of Christmas, the jingle bells chimed ‘Use your brains, tracks are for trains’ as they jingled all the way.

On the tenth day of Christmas, TasRail wished upon a star that everyone would ‘Lose a minute, not a Life’.

On the eleventh day of Christmas, TasRail made a sign that said ‘Freight trains can’t stop but you can’ and asked the media to Let it show, let it show, let it show!

On the twelfth day of Christmas, there were no near misses, no trespass, no vandalism, no animals on the railway line, no level crossing incidents and everyone had a Merry Little Christmas.


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