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FILMING and photography Facebook-style

PublishedFeb 18, 2014
FILMING and photography Facebook-style
SOCIAL media provides one of TasRail’s greatest tool’s for collecting excellent photographs and films of our trains in action. While we take as many images as we can and upload them to our website and social media sites, it is our Facebook fans – “Facerailers” – who get out there in the middle of the night to film our rollingstock in often obscure locations.

The crucial issue is the way in which these images are obtained.

The law says it is illegal to be within TasRail’s rail corridor which in most cases extends three metres within either side of the track. In cases where there is less than three metres on either side of the track it is illegal to be within this space.

Train-surfing and trespassing on train lines is obviously a well-known danger but filming within the rail corridor is just as much a no-no.

Some recent posts on our Facebook page have depicted excellent vision of our trains in action but unfortunately some of that vision appears to have been taken from within the rail corridor. TasRail asks that our FaceRailers keep the law mind at all times for their own safety and stay well clear of the danger zone.

All TasRail staff are required to wear PPE in the rail corridor – this is because we recognise that there are significant risks of injury. The public are kept out of the corridor because we don’t want anyone to be injured.

You might think you will hear a train and get out of its way, but an alarming amount of evidence exists globally of deaths and injuries where people have been distracted or deep in their activity and simply not had time. This includes incidents like people getting their foot caught in the track as they tried to quickly move away.

All TasRail media staff have track awareness training and wear full PPE. All our contracted photographers are also required to do the same.

The key things to remember are: you cannot be in the corridor without TasRail supervision, permission, Track Safe awareness certificate and full PPE. Full stop. There are plenty of places to capture images of the TasRail rolling stock safely and responsibly. We will not hesitate to refer matters to the police if we think it will keep someone out of harm’s way. If in doubt, send us an email or a FB message and we will advise you on the best safest options to get the shot you want.

Thank you


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