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TasRail Launches New Website

PublishedNov 21, 2013
TasRail Launches New Website
TasRail has collaborated with Launceston based company Walker Designs to create a dynamic new web 3.0 site with full mobile capability.

It would have been rude to simply allow shiny new locomotives, the ballast regulator, the new tamper and prototype wagons to hit our shores without giving the TasRail website a long overdue overhaul. Like any good business, TasRail knows that our digital assets are as important as our physical ones, especially to communicate with our customers, stakeholders and rail enthusiasts. As the operation moves into a new era of customer focussed operational excellence, the capacity to be part of a genuine two way conversation is critical to our brand and our service aspirations. 

Walker Designs have been true partners in the project, working closely with the Comms team at TasRail to deliver a site that speaks to a number of distinct groups. The conversation with our customers is important, as is their confidence in the capacity to find out information in real time. We also have a strong community of rail enthusiasts which are part of our past and future. They are the brains trust of so much of our fleet and history, and while we are a true commercial freight company, we wouldn't dare to not share our resources with our heritage friends (yes, its true, we are all secret trainspotters!). Best of all, what Walkers brought to the project was endless patience in teaching us how to drive the site so we could create the content that we wanted, and plenty of innovation in making sure that what we are creating could be accessed anywhere, by any device in a manner that is readable and scalable.

We're proud as punch, hope you like it - come visit us often y'hear!


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