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Kids Climb Aboard TasRail's DVR Stall

PublishedNov 20, 2013

TasRail had the pleasure of attending the Derwent Valley Railway’s inaugural open day on Sunday. As usual the Valley turned on magnificent weather for the more than 600 people who attended.

In addition to TasRail the event was supported by the Maydena Rail Track Riders, Inland Fisheries with ABC radio holding a live morning broadcast with Chris Wisby.

The event raised around $3000 for DVR with a good number of people also signing up as members.

TasRail’s stall was particularly popular with the public with the Communications Team handing out more than 200 Future4Rail show bags and a similar number of puzzle books. Also popular was the ‘X-ing Stop’ rail safety bumper stickers. While trains are always popular with children the day allowed us to spread the important safety message to ‘use your brains and remember tracks are for trains.’ We look forward to going back next year.

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