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TasRail Trials New Level Crossing Camera

PublishedOct 07, 2013
TasRail Trials New Level Crossing CameraNulla ligula ipsum, ornare et tincidunt ut
TasRail has developed a new tool to help improve level crossing safety.

We are continuing to capture more and more video footage of motorists who are making poor decisions at this particular level crossing.

 To date, we have five motorists in total who may be facing prosecution and we have had another eight who we are unable to identify clearly or they have crossed the rail line within ”only” 4-6 flashes of the lights.

 Signal Communications Manager, Simon Reading, met with Senior Constable Hoggart over the past few days to discuss how we might be able to formally progress these matters.

 From Friday 25 October, the first two people who were caught on our video camera will be issued with infringement notices from the Police. Those people will have available to them the still photograph initially sent to Police.  They will also be given the opportunity to view the actual video evidence.

 If they then still wish to contest the infringement notice, the matter will progress to a court of law; that that will be the real “acid” test for our evidence.

 Should we successfully gain a prosecution, we will be heavily advertising this fact and I am sure that once people start hearing about the fines and demerit points involved, we hope that people WILL start paying more attention to level crossing signalling lights.

 Please, make sure you continue to report all motorists who are electing to ignore our level crossing signals.

 Should funding become available , more cameras may be installed at problematic level crossing and those that have the highest reported numbers will be the crossings that are up for consideration.




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