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TasRail Values Share - Integrity

PublishedOct 07, 2013
TasRail Values Share - IntegrityTasRail's team values the importance of integrity.
Integrity is a crucial value at TasRail.

Integrity is a concept of consistency of actions, values, methods, measures, principles, expectations, and outcomes. It is one of the harder values to define, as it is different for everyone based on your own set of beliefs, experiences and value systems. Fundamentally, integrity functions as an internal compass of what is right and wrong, it is that moment for most of us where you pause to consider your actions and their consequences. As our value breakdown below suggests, integrity is not always easy. The very nature of our differing beliefs and experiences means that often your integrity will be at odds with others, and make you question your own belief systems or feel pressured to do something which doesn’t feel or sit right. Particularly in a safety driven organisation, integrity can mean the difference between seeing and unsafe practice and calling someone on it, or letting it be someone else’s problem. While it is hard to define, it is an essential ingredient of TasRail’s values and one of the intangibles that makes a great place to work great.



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