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TasRail Partners With the Botanical Gardens.

PublishedOct 07, 2013

The Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens and Hobart City Council approached TasRail  late in 2012 with a proposal to clear weed infested banks of the River Dewent and revegetate with local plant species to improve and promote the amenity of the area. The project involved community groups and contractors managed by Council and Botanical Garden staff.  TasRail’s safety requirements were taken on board, with personnel completing Track Safety Awareness training, erecting barrier fencing and confining works to discrete areas to contain personnel from wandering out of supervision.

One highlight of the weed removal was to uncover two historic stone culverts, one of which is still active diverting water under the rail. Manager of the project, Mr David Reid  Botanical Gardens was very impressed with the level of cooperation they received from TasRail, in particular the good lines of communication he established with Mr Jason Terry on a day-to-day basis. Mr Reid advises that there will be funding over the next five years to ensure the site is properly established with local species, and weeds are controlled from the area.



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