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TasRail & MMG Growing Together

PublishedOct 07, 2013
TasRail & MMG Growing TogetherEtiam id leo sit amet
TasRail and MMG's relationship is the strongest its ever been after more than 75 years together.

TasRail currently provides rail haulage, storage and ship loading to services to MMG Rosebery. Currently, MMG is benefiting from consistent throughput created from multiple ore sources.

Year-to-date records in mining, milling and production of zinc concentrate were achieved for the first nine months of 2013. Production of zinc and lead concentrate was higher than all comparative periods due to higher mining volumes combined with good grades and recoveries.

In the 1st Qtr of FY2014, TasRail provided 110 Rail Services for MMG – 85 for Zinc, 21 for Lead and 4 for Copper. This represents an increase above the scheduled services that TasRail is committed to provide by 14.5%.

Through the ship loader, MMG exported 8 shipments of Zinc and Lead from the Burnie Wharf. The ship loading movements consisted of 6 Zinc exports totalling 28, 245 tonnes and 2 Lead exports totalling 6,782 tonnes.

MMG are forecast to maintain strong growth across concentrate production for the remainder of FY2014.

TasRail continues to work with MMG on prototype testing of the new wagons. MMG are anticipating the arrival of the new locomotives and ore wagons that will enable TasRail to assist MMG in ensuring the increased growth in volume is railed to Burnie and is exported to international markets.



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