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4 North West Coast Bridge Renewal

Project Cost: $24 million
Timeframe: October 2011 – June 2014
Funding source: Australian Government (Nation Building)
Works partners: MB&A Project Consulting, VEC Civil Engineering

Overview: TasRail had identified an urgent need to either upgrade or replace four life-expired, major railway bridges on the North West Coast. These bridges are all located on a strategically vital section of the rail network. The Blythe and Forth rail bridges were replaced on the existing alignment. The Leven was rebuilt on a new alignment upstream of the existing alignment. The Don superstructure was completely replaced in a 38 hour closure of the network. The 4 North West Coast Bridge Renewal Project was nominated for a 2014 Tasmanian Engineering Excellence Award.

Project Objectives: Improve rail transit times, operational safety and reliability, long-term sustainability of infrastructure. Reduce speed restrictions and maintenance costs.