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Freight rail services are currently operating on the following routes:

  • Boyer and Brighton to Conara
  • Brighton to Launceston
  • Brighton to George Town (Bell Bay)
  • Devonport to Railton

Freight will continue to be transferred from rail to truck at Conara and transported to the Ports of Devonport and Burnie by road until the Kimberley Rail Bridge is repaired (scheduled for mid-late July).

The public is asked to be aware of an increase in heavy vehicles on the Midlands and Bass Highways during this time. Some southbound container freight ex Burnie is being railed from George Town to Brighton which may also see additional trucks on the Frankford Highway.

There is also a higher than normal frequency of rail vehicles and heavy equipment moving across the rail network - including the non-operational lines - due to flood repair work and rail infrastructure inspections.

Always look out for trains and rail vehicles and obey level crossing signs and signals.

Stay away from the rail corridor and off rail bridges for safety reasons, even where trains are not currently operating.

To report livestock in the rail corridor, or prior to using a registered railway stock crossing, please call 6335 2556 BEFORE you cross the railway line.

Stay Safe – Don’t put your life on the line!

  • For EMERGENCIES call Train Control on 6335 2500 and press 1